double chaise lounge outdoor
double chaise lounge outdoor

How to Build Awesome Double Chaise Lounge Outdoor

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Double chaise lounge outdoor provides a great place to relax in the middle of your busy days. Some people might choose to have a holiday but if you don’t have time for that, you need more affordable ways to avoid yourself from stress. Most people likely use the wooden lounge for normal use both in spring and summer. However, there are some certain times when relaxing at the outdoor area is not good to do. Hence, it will be really good to turn outdoor chaise lounge so that it not only supports outdoor use. For instance, you can transform the lounge into elegant sofa where you can recline with a blanket to enjoy warm beverages or read the favorite book during cold months.

Steps to create more functional double chaise lounge

You can begin the process by taking off one arm of the lounge. For the arm base, you need to measure and cut the wood in order to make the similar piece that will be placed in the living room. Then, you have to make the wooden frame using two among four wooden strips you already prepared. Cut the wood to fill the available space. Next, substitute the previous arm using wood screws. Include sanding process using medium sandpaper to get rid of old grade stain. This process is better to perform before you start painting the living room. Sanding down is also effective to remove existing paint or to varnish any wooden seating pieces. Do finishing process with fine sandpaper so that you get a smooth surface and the double lounge is ready to be applied with new paint. After sanding process is complete, use a dry cloth to clean the excessive powder.

What to consider when choosing lounge design

Double chaise lounge outdoor is available in various designs starting from the classic wicker design to elegant design of chaise lounge. You can choose the design that suits the best with your preference and style. There are a lot of designs, you either can use traditional one which often finds in common lounges or goes with your own designs. You can get inspiration from the new model of furniture that already becomes trend and types of features which often applied to outdoor seating pieces. Either simple design lounge or cushy outdoor design of lounge due to additional cushion, all of them will make your backyard or outdoor area not only have the greater appearance but also transform into more comfortable space to relax.

You also can try more stylish design for the outdoor lounge. It can be a great idea if you want to transform the double lounge to be more comfortable by designing it with cushion. Additional cushion will really match well when being combined with wooden frame lounge. This furniture can be an outdoor pleasant view by adding it with some decorations. For instance, you can add accent tufted into the lounge. This decoration will make an outdoor lounge looks incredible especially if it is made from wicker. It even creates an awesome look to any spot where you place double chaise lounge outdoor.

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