outdoor chaise lounge
outdoor chaise lounge

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Types

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Outdoor chaise lounge surely can be a crucial part of outdoor decoration which people should consider. We can make sure that having outdoor space in the house will be a great investment for family enjoyment. They can spend happy time outdoor but it means that they have to create comfortable space for this purpose. Using chaise lounge must be a great choice but there are various kinds of chaise lounge which can be found out there. Because this furniture item will be located outdoors, it means that they have to be specific about the choice. Here are some types of chaise lounge which can be placed outdoor.

Recycled Plastic

People can find the chaise lounge which is made from recycled plastic and this is a great choice for outdoor use. One thing which people should remind is that it must be added with cushion for making sure that it is comfortable enough. It is great to choose recycled plastic chaise lounge for outdoor because it is easy to clean with no maintenance needed. More importantly, it is also durable and strong. However, they have to be ready with the heavyweight as well as bulky look.


Resin chaise lounge becomes next great option which people can use for their outdoor space. There is no need to add cushion for this type. Just like the recycled plastic one, this option can be cleaned easily with no maintenance needed. It is also inexpensive so it must be great for a budget-friendly homeowner. This outdoor chaise lounge is lightweight yet it is durable. However, people must pay attention to wind damage due to the lightweight. Once it is damaged, it will be hard to repair. White is the common option which can be found.


If people are looking for the luxury type of chaise lounge for their outdoor space, there is no doubt that teak must be the best option. It is not only about the luxury aspect for people choosing this type of chaise lounge because people can find it strong as well as durable. More importantly, it can last a lifetime which means that they can give it to their descendants. However, people have to pay a lot of money for buying teak chaise lounge. It is also heavy type furniture so it will not be a portable choice. To ensure the best look, they need to oil its surface frequently. Cushion needs to be added to get the comfort when enjoying outdoor time.


Last but not least, we can make sure that wicker chaise lounge will always be interesting furniture option which people can add to their outdoor space. It is comfortable enough so there is no need to add cushion to the wicker chaise lounge. Cleaning this furniture can be done easily as well and there is no need to worry about the maintenance. It is also lightweight and durable for long-term use. Unfortunately, they have to prepare a lot of money to get this type of chaise lounge. The fact that woven material is easy to break makes them think twice to buy wicked outdoor chaise lounge.

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