leather chaise lounge
leather chaise lounge

Things to Know before Purchase Leather Chaise Lounge

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One of the most popular for upholstery covering for a chair is leather. There are some many coatings, grains and textures available sometimes make you become confusing to choose which type that can work best for you. Before you purchase leather chaise lounge there are things that you should know first.

What is leather?

You should know that real leather is the natural product which is durable and warm. Each of them has individual characteristics that make it more unique. Leather will show you the marks from its natural origin and the best quality can be shown by growth marks, scratches, the structure of hair pore and more. However, there are many resellers who classify leather based on grades. Of course, this thing makes some confusion and customer was encouraged to think that more expensive leather means better quality. This is not the primary case. So, this is better to understand at least basic information about leather first before you purchase leather chaise lounge.

What types of leather were used for your chaise lounge furniture?

There are several types of leather were used for furniture construction. The pigmented leather was the most durable material along with a consistent appearance in the surface. While the aniline leather looks more natural, however, it’s less resistant to the dirt. Then semi-aniline leather is between them.

Pigmented leather

The pigmented leather is the most durable and used in most of the furniture upholstery. Its longer durability was provided by polymer coating in the surface which is also contained of pigment. With modern technology then the coating can be embossed, printer of you just go with plain for your leather chaise lounge. This surface coating allow your furniture get bigger resistance to fading, soiling, and scuffing

Aniline leather

As mentioned before that aniline skin has the most natural look along with unique characteristic in the surface. The aniline leather was only colored by dye and don’t have any surface coating and pigment like pigmented leather. Using light non pigmented surface coating can be applied in order to enhance its unique look and protect against any soling and spillages. However, this leather could be prone easily with the sunlight and absorbing liquid easier. So, this type of leather might not perfect choice for a leather chaise lounge. Aniline leather needs special treatment to keep it in the best condition.

Semi-Aniline leather

This Semi-Aniline leather is also more durable while still maintain its natural look. The durability was provided by application of light surface which is also containing few pigments. It also ensures that the color will more consistent and provide your furniture with extra protection as well.

Are leather chairs comfortable?

Leather chairs have several attributes that make them so comfortable, especially when they are combined with soft cushion and supportive frames such as leather chaise lounge. However, keep in mind that your leather chaise lounge can be placed in outdoor space. You are able to place inside to complement your interior design and spend your happy hours by relaxing. This information can be used and get you with best leather chaise lounge.

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